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Welcome to JOMO Training! My name is Josh Mowbray and I am an online health & fitness coach! Browse my website to learn more about your coach and find a program that works best for you. If you are looking for a place to start, want to build confidence and/or want to lose fat, build muscle, and gain strength, you are in the right spot.  If you are ready to increase your drive & desire for a long-term solution for your physical & mental health, apply below!


— My Story

I became a coach because I want people to achieve the same joy that I receive from exercise. More specifically, being able to transition and improve my life to focus on all aspects of mental & physical health. Training is my passion, and I want to share my knowledge and experience with you! I want to help people start their journey, learn healthy habits, get stronger, and become more comfortable with themselves. To learn more how I got to this point, click the button below!


What Does Full Coaching Offer?

Individualized guidance & 

 1-on-1 support.



• nutrition & fitness education

• calorie & macro goals

• personalized workout programming

• guidance with progressive overload

• form assessment & corrections

• daily support

• weekly OR bi-weekly check-ins 

• welcome booklet with important information, tips, & insights

• monthly video calls & more


What Does Nutrition Coaching Offer?

Nutrition coaching offers everything that full coaching does EXCEPT a personalized workout program. You will receive a calorie & macronutrient goal that suits your lifestyle, habits, and activity levels. Along with meal planning and prepping advice, tips, and important information to help you achieve your goals!  

Objectives of My Coaching: 

Enhance knowledge

Going through the motions is one thing but, at the end of our coaching (or if you renew), you will be educated with training and nutrition and understand the process of why we are doing things and how to properly achieve your goals. 

Boost self-efficacy

Become confident with yourself and enjoy the process. There's no one to impress but yourself, and I believe in you. 

Increase Energy Levels

With the proper guidance and accountability, you will be fueling your body efficiently to feel better, get stronger, and have more energy. Everything you do in the gym increases your ability to do everything you love outside of the gym.


You’ve taken the time to rearrange things for me, and have helped me through everything very much. I do feel 100% that I have the resources to keep progressing.

I believe anybody would benefit from being coached by Josh. Even if a person was to sign up for a short program Josh can give you the knowledge about fitness that you could use the rest of your life. I have zero complaints about my experience.

absolutely loved working with Josh! It was everything I needed to learn how to create better habits for myself and stick to a plan!

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